With the EU’s GDPR rules in full force since May 2018 and a growing unwillingness among modern consumers to give up their data, proving that the organization is in control of its information security is high on every business's agenda. Or at least it should be. 

To succeed and really thrive, your organisation must foster long-term relationships with customers and have a loyal base of brand advocates. Achieving this in today’s rapidly evolving landscape requires a solution that expertly balances sales and marketing optimisation with developing customer relationships based on transparency and trust. 

How can you leverage customer data without crossing privacy borders? 

The SAP Customer Data Cloud offers a well-rounded solution that empowers businesses to build long-lasting relationships, increase engagement and continue growing their audience. 

The SAP Customer Cloud pulls together three powerful, tightly integrated products – SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Consent and SAP Customer Profile. Combined together, these solutions ensure that:

  • your business has the capability to drive secure registrations and engagements across channels and devices, 
  • manage customers’ permissions and consent throughout their lifecycle, 
  • transform data scattered across multiple sources into a single unified customer profile.  

With the SAP Customer Data Cloud, your organisation will be able to take proper care of user data protection, analyze customers experiences and increase conversion rates.

Our highly knowledgeable team of SAP consultants will help your organisation unlock the maximum value from customer data and turn unknown visitors into loyal customers while significantly lowering data risks and cost of ownership. 

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