• Do you have complex configurations and pricing? 
    • Do sales people, channel partners, dealers need to use CPQ? 
    • Do you need CRM integration with web and mobile access? 
    • Are you looking to deliver Word and PDF proposal documents to customers? 
    • Would you like to leverage integration with your ERP backend?

Being integrated to your CRM system CPQ  provide same user experience and allowing you sales team and you partners or dealers use the same solution for quotation creation allowing them to provide seamless customer experience despite of the sales channel.

CPQ allows you to replace product lists and price books with searchable product catalogue that is easy to use and helps sales reps and channel partners to build quotations fast and eliminate mistakes related to manual process. 
Pricing Guidance leverage Analytics to suggest pricing and discount based on rules and historical data providing customer specific and channel specific pricing that helps to handle contract negotiated pricing or territory related conditional price models. 
Guided Selling helps your sales reps or your customers to make right decisions selecting products and services for quotation suggests next steps and best practices in real time. Upselling and cross-selling suggestions are built into the system maximizing revenue of every quotation. No matter how experienced your sales reps are and how long they've been working with accounts, they will get it right every time! 

Power of the backend product configuration with flexibility of CPQ allowing to configure complex products, get side-by-side product comparison and spot on up-sell suggestions that are increasing deal size. 

Approval process automation with defined approval rules and criteria's means that quotes don’t sit on managers desks until they can get to them and allows to get quotations approved quickly making sales reps more productive, increasing customer satisfaction.

Product related content stored in CPQ knowledge base like diagrams and data sheets could be added to proposal and with a set of predefined proposal templates proposal document could be build in few minutes.

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