behind the scene...

At Clarity Labs we are focused on delivering great results every day and overachieving customer expectations. We strongly believe that this could only be achieved with a great people on board. Meet the team that is committed to this vision and feel free to get in touch with us to see more of our faces working to make your Customer Experience Transformation project a success.

Maksim Jegorovcev
Executive Partner | C/4HANA Architect
"I believe that customer success is crucial component and despite of solution complexity it is a top priority for every project we run."
Sergey Podolak
Partner | Customer Journey Architect
"I sincerely believe in customer experience. We all have to accept that in modern world customers empowered with internet and social media are defining the rules. This means that only companies that are able to keep their customers satisfied will strive in the future. Making your customer satisfied and happy is my prime objective."
Ingo Taraske
Partner | C/4HANA Architect
“I believe in exact business processes, and technical solutions that last a life time, and structured, but agile, methods to engineer them.”
Viktorija Shuvakina
Chief Finance Officer
“There should be Quality in all you do! If you are doing something - do it well or don’t do at all.”
Pavel Dmitrijev
Billing Architect
“We will find common ground between all your data consumers and producers.”
Tatjana Dabolina
Project Manager | Testing Lead
"Quality is not an act it is a habit."
Maksim Lebedev
Consulting Director
Achieving targets of our business Partners through a focused and structured management in every project - that’s our ultimate measurement of success.
Nitish Puttur
Partner | C/4 HANA Architect
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
Jekaterina Melnikova
Team Assistant | Pleasant Working Environment Lead
"I believe that working environment has strong influence on productivity, initiative and quality of work. So we are doing our best for employees to feel comfortable, important and have everything they need to do their job."